Modern Alternative 
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Our Mission

Modern Alternative focuses on using natural materials to produce versatile footwear and clothing. Simple, sophisticated and sustainable, the Modern Canvas sneaker is our flagship product that is strategically designed to do good without compromising on looks. This is the underlying fabric of our company. Look good. Feel good. Do Good. 

The Problem

Many people ask why sustainable fashion is important, and to be honest we were no different. But, after researching how shoes and clothes are made, we were stunned to find that the fashion industry is a leader in green house gas production and water waste. It generates 1.26 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and is the 2nd largest consumer of water in the world. 

The challenge we gave ourselves was how do we produce clothes we love while simultaneously reducing emissions and water waste. 

Why Hemp? 

Hemp is one of the oldest plants that is still grown for a variety of industrial purposes.

In addition to being one of the strongest natural fibers, growing hemp requires significantly less water, land, and resources than growing cotton or producing leather. With environmental conditions changing, hemp remains one of the most sustainable plants having the ability to grow in any climate and soil!

Hemp is naturally resistant to pests and doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides; it is also 100% recyclable, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial! It is the most ideal material for footwear and clothing. 

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More than just a shoe !

 Buying our shoes is buying into the future of footwear.